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On this page we attempt to make available the experience of individual bicycle tourists who travel to Georgia (you can share your experiences here).

Bike Rental -- Atlanta, Georgia

On the northwest side of metro-Atlanta outside of the I-285 circular interstate, in the suburban area referred to as EastCobb, there is a reputable shop with which I had traded for years that rents.....CycleWorks (located in Parkaire Mall - s/e corner of the intersection of Johnson Ferry Rd. and Lower Roswell Rd.) 770-509-9494.

P.S. If that side of metro-Atlanta is inconvenient, CycleWorks has a number of other locations, although, I know not if the others rent.

BikePackin, February 18, 2004


Ship it via DANZAS. They have a special rate worked out with Santana Tandems Inc. (and no, it doesn't matter what type of tandem your shipping or to where) that should allow you to get your tandem to its destination in 5 to 10 days for about $78.00. We've used them before and have been very pleased with the service. It helps if you can find a bike shop at both ends of the shipment to make pick-ups and drop-off easier.

Call DANZAS at 1-800-426-5962 and request the special Santana Roadmaster rate #4353.

Mark & Debbie Livingood...
Near Atlanta, Georgia USA

      _~0 _ 0     -\<,-\<,  ( )-/---/- ( )
Tandem Club of America -- Are you a member? Mark Phillip Livingood, August 01, 1999

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