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On this page we attempt to make available the experience of individual bicycle tourists who have travelled with Frontier (you can share your experiences here).

Not charged on Frontier Denver to San Diego

Traveled to San Diego with my bike last week, expecting to pay $50 each way... They didn't charge me!

Said since the bike and box (hard shelled plastic box) was under 70 lbs. it was free. Maybe they were just confused.

PJ, April 11, 2003

Bikes Fly Free

George -

Thanks for maintaining the Travel With Bikes site, it is very helpful. Below is some info I posted on and thought you may want to post for your readers:

Just got back from CO. Thought I'd post some info about my recent bike flying experience. As some of you might know, IMBA and LAB offer a Bikes Fly Free program on 6 or 7 airlines with their membership. The catch is, you have to book tickets through their travel agent. Last year when I was going to Moab, I tried going through their (IMBA's) agent only to find the cheapest price they could give me was $400 vs. $200 if I booked it on the airline's website (for the same exact flight on the same airline!). So, I took the $200 fare and got stuck w/ a $50 charge for the bike each way. So, I'm going to CO last week, tickets were already purchased (not through IMBA's agent), I decided to do some more research to see if anyone had any new ideas on getting their bike on board w/o paying the extra charge.

Went to the very informative website Travel With Bikes and found a note from a LAB member who had booked airfare through the website, then called customer service and explained LAB and the airline had an agreement for Bikes Fly Free, did he need to do anything special and could the agent put a note on his reservation indicating this. So, the day before my flight, I do the same thing. Agent (Frontier Airlines) was very helpful and put the note on my reservation.

On the flight out, they wanted to charge me $50 as soon as they knew I had a bike. I told them about the program and to check my reservation. No problem and I'm on my way. Return flight, the agent reads the notes on my reservation, and before I have to say anything and again, I breeze through w/ no problems. Success!

Joe Whitehair
===== One Speed Bikes. Beer. Music.

Joe Whitehair, August 20, 2001

Bikes Fly Free

Hi George. Just another story to add to the Bikes Fly Free section of the website.

A friend and I just flew out to Denver International (from Boston) to participate in the Tour of Colorado. We used Frontier Airlines. I made the reservations over the Internet directly with Frontier, and then called the ticket agent a few days later to inform them we would be bringing bikes, that LAB and Frontier had an agreement, etc. etc.; and could you please put that info on the computer so that we would have no hassles when we arrived at the airport.

Happy to confirm there were no problems flying the bikes free in lieu of 1 piece of luggage. Another success story for the bikes fly free program! Keep up the great website. Take heart fellow bikers.

Jerry Kuc, Medford Mass.

Kuc, Jerry, July 23, 2000

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