Bicycle Touring Experiences from Estonia


On this page we attempt to make available the experience of individual bicycle tourists who travel to Estonia (you can share your experiences here).

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The international Cyclists' project "BaltiCCycle" provides all information on cycling in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Incl. online specialized map & book shop. Incl. bike rent over borders between Vilnius, Klaipeda, Riga and Tallinn.

Frank , February 21, 2007

bicycle rent and tours in Estonia

If you are coming to discover Baltic States or Nordic countries, I suggest to come to look Estonia - the most northern Baltic States country (member of EU). It's a real cyclist paradise with long seaside coast and totally flat land. From City Bike you can rent bikes for that or you can just ask information about touring.

Kädi Vestberg, October 30, 2005

Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Russia,Tallinn,Estonia

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According to my experiences, international air transport is about the same level to Moscow as to St. Pete's. But the airport of St. Petersburg is a bit better for cyclists. And there are more possibilities to fly in and out of the same airport if you go to St. Pete. It's an easy haul by train or bus from St. Pete to Tallinn.

From Tallinn to Germany there's a good and comfortable ferry, which accepts bikes. Transport options by train (with the bike as a bike) are reasonable-good between Germany, Belgium and France. So you could elect any airport in these countries, an go to the right place. Or buy tickets by special bike-bus to Portugal from somewhere in North-West Europe.


Ivo Miesen, September 14, 2002

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