Czech Airlines Bike Experiences

On this page we attempt to make available the experience of individual bicycle tourists who have travelled with Czech Airlines (you can share your experiences here).

extremely high overweight price ( Czech airlines)

I've requested to pay around 250$ for 6kg overweight on flight Oslo -Prague-Tel Aviv ( bike was packed in the bag).

Avoid Czech Airlines. The overweight price depends on flight length.

Vadim, August 22, 2007

Czech Airlines, Prague Airport

My wife and I flew to Prague on Czech Airlines from Tel Aviv, Israel. We had our bikes in "iron man" cases. Had no trouble with them and even though we were a bit overweight, they didn't charge us any extra. Had to open the cases in Tel Aviv for inspection, but that's standard here in Israel. When we came back they didn't look at them in Prague.

One thing nice in the Prague airport is that they have a storage area where you can leave the bike boxes for about $1 a day each. We put our bikes together there in the airport and left the boxes there for 3 weeks while we toured the country.

Don Youngquist, October 29, 2002

Czech Airlines (CSA)

Can't answer your other questions, but when I flew on Czech Airlines (CSA) the Air France people at the Heathrow check-in (with whom CSA had some arrangement) insisted I box the bike. I ended up going to another terminal for the box, put the bike in okay, but it was a bank holiday, organization was minimal and as a result of my innately British tendency to wait patiently in line, I eventually missed the deadline for checking in for my specified flight!

Having said that, they put me on a later flight and the bike arrived with no problems. Again, the advice given elsewhere about finding airline regulations - and ideally obtaining a copy in writing - is undoubtedly very sane.


Matt King, June 13, 1997

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