Bicycle Touring Experiences from Cuba


On this page we attempt to make available the experience of individual bicycle tourists who travel to Cuba (you can share your experiences here).

Cubana Airlines

On a flight from Cancun to Havana in January 2008, Cubana charged me $25 for a bike packed in a re-used cardboard box.

On the return trip from Havana to Cancun the agent charged me 20 CUC (=$25).

The bike fared just fine on both legs.

Coufal, April 01, 2008

Free Bikes on Skyservice From Canada

Skyservice Airlines takes bikes for free as part of your luggage allowance. It counts as one piece of your luggage allowance, subject to normal weight restrictions. Skyservice provides the airline service for tour companies such as Sunquest and Conquest.

I used them twice through Sunquest for Cuba. Check "" for baggage details under Customer Service. The bike needs to be boxed or you can buy a $5 plastic bag from them. The usual applies. Handlebars turned sideways, tires deflated, and pedals removed.

Michelle Eisele, August 08, 2006

Cuba Varadero airport

Flew to and from this airport in Dec. 2005.

Cycling to and from the airport is not a problem: a small trafficless road is leaving the terminal and connects after some kilometers to the dual carriage way Matanzas-Varadero-Cardenas. This road can be busy (by Cuban standards) but nevertheless OK to ride.
Did not found a way to store bicycle boxes at the airport hwever.
Taxis will usually put the boxed bicycle on the roof carrier. Ask for such an equipment when you call for a taxi if you need to carry your bike.

There are also some coach connections to Matanzas, La Havana and Varadero from the airport terminal.
further info: eric_brasseur2004(at)

Brasseur, July 21, 2006

Bicycle rentals and repairs in Cuba

For those interested in renting bicycles or need repairs to bicycles while you are in Cuba, you may go to a bicycle shop started by the Canadian Non-Profit organization called Bicycles Crossing Borders (BCB).

One can rent modern bicycles at a moderate cost. However foreigners to Cuba can only rent one and not buy a biycle there. The address of the shop is:

Bicycles Crossing Borders

Calle San Juan de Dios, esquina Aguacate

Havana Vieja, Cuba

Tel: (537) 860 8532

BCB started a project to train local people in repairing bikes and has donated a modern bicycle shop, which is set-up in Old Havana. BCB intends to start up more such projects in other parts of Cuba in the near future.

Your rentals there will support in empowering the Cuban personnel.

Narayana Reddy, August 22, 2004

Bike rental-Cuba

I think I have an information to add.I read a comment
about the bike rental in Cuba, and there was a suggestion to bring your own bike because they were hard to find here and only one speed made in China.
I believe it's not necessary to rent or to look for
bikes in the street or in particular houses, or even bring your own bike.In havana more exactly at, a tall building called someillan (closed to the national hotel)floor 27, there is a renowned travel agency office, CubaLinda, that one of its options is renting bikes.
For more info

Javier peña, July 16, 2002

Air France Damage Indifference Havana-Manchester

Flew 2 bikes from Havana to Manchester via Paris. Not boxed but well padded, as per AF's instructions.

Handlebars of one bike were badly bent, as if crushed. Air France agents (Servisair) refused to even give us the paperwork to make a claim as they said the bike was improperly packaged.

Bar ends and pedals were missing - presumed stolen as they were well secured. Servisair said it was nothing to do with them and to contact the police.

Sam Marshall, December 09, 2001


Found on: [email protected]

You can't get there from here (USA). You have to go to Mexico or Canada and then fly from there. Since we Americans don't like Cuba (as a policy, not personal opinion), we don't allow direct flights. There are other issues about travel there (you aren't supposed to tour there) but they are overlooked most of the time.

When you pack up your bike, declare it as farm equipment. For some reason, it was easier. I don't remember if it was avoiding the charges from the airlines for bikes or cheaper duties by whatever nation. He also left his bike in Cuba upon leaving (planned it that way).

Oh, and one more, which is for touring in general: Bring photos of your family and homeland. Makes for easy conversations with the locals.

have fun!


Myq Larson
Logan UT 84322-5305
Myq's waste of bandwidth

MYQ Y. Q. LARSON, June 13, 2000

Bike Rental -- Cuba

Cuba - There are rental places that rent bikes for $1 an hour. Not recommended. Sometimes one can rent from the casa particular that one is staying at, or many people are willing to rent their bikes to get the cash. Your casa hostess may know of one. Expect to spend $2 a day. Bikes are one-speed Chinese make, so some people bring their own. Bike theft is a problem so be warned. Also see:

In Cuba, the bicycle is the main form of transport. And the roads aren't too busy. Bring your own spare parts.

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Don Wiss, September 17, 1999


I just flew out of Mexico City to Havana on Mexicana and the bastards charged me US$50 for the pleasure of taking the bike. I was wondering if anyone else had the same problem. Also leaving Mex City on a JAL flight, the Mexicans wanted to do the same. Gee wiz! After much arguing they let it go. What's with Mexico City Airport?

Check out my site below, and if you'd like to trade a link, I'd be most happy about that.

Cheers, all the best, 🙂
Biking Southeast Asia with Mr Pumpy!

Felix, January 16, 1999

Canadian Airlines

I recently (March 15, 1997) traveled to Cuba with my bicycle via Canadian Airlines. I arrived at Toronto airport with the bike boxed and with my panniers separate. Canadian provided a heavy plastic bag for the panniers, and they went as one piece of baggage. The second piece of baggage was, of course, the bike. There was no additional charge. Canadian Airlines are the best at transporting bikes!
Coming back from Santiago de Cuba was not quite so simple; then nothing is in Cuba! They were not able to provide me with either a plastic bag or a box for the bike, but it survived the journey in one piece. Again, there was no charge. Brian_Hedney Voice mail: 905-885-3217 x253 My homepage is located at: TRINITY COLLEGE SCHOOL

Brian Hedney, March 22, 1997


I recently (March 15, 1997) traveled to Cuba with my bicycle via Canadian Airlines.
I flew into and out of Santiago de Cuba airport. I took a taxi to my hotel since I arrived at 7 p.m. and it was dark. On my return, I cycled directly to the airport from "downtown" - it is VERY easy to cycle to and from the airport since there is an "autopista" (expressway) to it with almost no vehicles on it. One is allowed to cycle (and even drive a horse and cart!) along this four-lane highway!
Toronto airport - now there is a challenge by bike!!!
One CAN ride to the Toronto (Pearson) airport, but it is somewhat suicidal!

Brian Hedney, Voice mail: 905-885-3217 x253 My homepage is located at:

Brian Hedney, March 22, 1997

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