China Airlines Bike Experiences

On this page we attempt to make available the experience of individual bicycle tourists who have travelled with China Airlines (you can share your experiences here).

Bangkok to Amsterdam

We flew back home from BKK to A'dam, with China Airlines. We had 10 kg overweight, but the cycles did not fit the weighing platform so they did not notice.

We did NOT pack our bicycles but just rolled them into the check-in hall. They didn't complain much. Even the pedals or handlebar were not taken off or turned. We just took out the air of the tyres.

The bicycles arrived without any damage in Amsterdam.

March 2004

bverelst, March 30, 2004

China Airlines (Amsterdam to Bangkok)

I've flown China Airlines Amsterdam-Bangkok three times with a bike. No problems on any of the trips. On each flight I put the bike in a cardboard box for the outward flight (get one free from a bike shop), but left it naked for the return flight. No hassle, no fee, and no excess baggage charge despite being significantly over the limit on one trip.

Pete Jones, January 31, 2003

China Airlines

At SFO I had to check bike in through Oversize Luggage station.

At the China Airlines counter they decided not to charge me when I said it was a bicycle.

From BKK, they decided not to charge me extra only after I insisted that I hadn't been charged extra on the flight to BKK.

Chris Norrdin, April 02, 2002

China Airlines

I used a custom aluminum medal hard case (silver color) to pack my bike.

Check in on San Francisco (SFO) airport with China Airlines, flying to destination Ipoh, Malaysia. Airline just asked me what in it, I reply sports equipment, they let me check in as checkin luggage. When I arrived in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the airline found out my bike case was delayed at Taipei. I continued my flight from KL to Ipoh, Malaysia. They rushed me the case next day to Ipoh and I just picked it up from the airport, custom was easy, they ask what's in it, told them it's a bike I used for training/exercise and will bring in back to US after I done with the trip.

My dad (from Ipoh) drives a Jeep SUV, so transport the bike to my house in Ipoh was no problem.

On the return trip from Ipoh back to SF also problem free, check the case in at Ipoh airport all the way to SF. Case arrived unharmed in SFO airport.

So, transporting the bike was relatively problem free except the 1 day delay when it arrived to Ipoh.

Ipoh is a relatively small town (300,000 population), 2 flights a day Ipoh - KL (capital of Malaysia).

Kwan Low

Kwan Seng Low , April 10, 2000

Thai Airways and China Airlines

Travel-experience with Thai Airways and China Airlines

Together with my friend Henk Burgler I flew twice from Amsterdam to Bangkok. The first time we went with Thai Airways. We only had to put our bicycles in a carton box and they allowed us 30 kg package. In Bangkok (also in Hanoi) we offered our bicycles naked and it was no problem. Unforunately Thai Airways doesn't fly on Amsterdam longer, so this year we choose China Airlines. This is a good company too, we only had to put our bicycles in a carton box or wrap in plastic. We bought a 'plastic bicycle bag' and used it without problems. China Airlines accept only bagage till 20 kg, however it was allowed to carry almost all our bags as handluggage.

Greetings Bauke Hoogland

Bauke Hoogland, March 03, 2000

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