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On this page we attempt to make available the experience of individual bicycle tourists who have travelled with Cathay Pacific (you can share your experiences here).

Cathay Pacific and current baggage allowance

In June I flew CX DXB-SYD via Honk Kong. The Bob trailer would have cost $600 in excess baggage costs so I spent almost $500 total on air freight - one way. On my return I will only take the bicycle and leave the BOB behind. CX is now quite expensive for hauling bicycle stuff. Too bad BA does not fly on my route as I have Silver status on their frewuent flyer system.
Next year it looks like China Southern will be the way to go as they have a cheaper excess baggage rate. Cathay Pacific has become quite expensive and non-lenient (in 2011) for bicycle touring. Sigh ...

Ken, July 29, 2011

Cathay Pacific, Perth to Delhi and back to Perth

Going to Delhi needed to remind staff about the sports equipment clause. I took a photo copy just in case. Two of us had boxed bikes plus one bag. Total of 62kg. No charge.
Out of Delhi was even easier. Turned handle bars parallel to frame and took off pedals and strapped them onto the back rack and pushed the seat down. Took the chain off and rear derailluer which I taped to the frame and tied the pedal arms to the frame. This makes it so easy for staff and got thanked for my effort. Wrapped all the components in cardboard and tape to prevent damage. I used electric cable ties for most which are cheap light and always good for the road.

fred , October 06, 2007

Cathay Pacific

I flew twice with bicycles return Taipei, Taiwan, to Toronto, Canada, and Bangkok, Thailand, to Toronto. Both flights were via Hong Kong and I packed the bicycles (mine and my wife's) in boxes including accessories, tools, gear, and some clothes for extra padding. I never experienced any problem with the airline and each time the boxes arrived unscathed.

Daniel Sarosi, August 16, 2006

Cathay Pacific

Living in China I'm used to corruption, but I was thrown for 6 when told that I had to pay 3,000 RMB to take my bike to Oz Up until now it's always been 800 RMB; about 80 Euros while in Ireland it cost 25 Euros return (when I only had 20 Euros and asked if he wanted US money, he said not to worry and took the 20). In the end I managed not to pay anything. BUT on the way back I was forced to pay AUS$390. There seems to be no rhyme or reason, but having travelled all over with my bike, never have I been forced to pay such an exorbitant fee. I am really scared now about again finding out at the last minute that I have to buy another ticket just for my bicycle, especially when coming to a country like China which could make up any rule and steal my money without any recourse.

Keir Heath, February 08, 2006

Cathay Pacific

Found on: [email protected]
In planning my NZ trip, I found that Cathay Pacific has the most reasonable (cheapest!) airfare from Vancouver, BC to Auckland. I emailed their customer service - twice - regarding their policy on bicycles and received no answer! In frustration, I contacted my travel agent and his reply confirmed that Cathay Pacific follows IATA tariff regulations; in that the bicycle is one piece of your two pieces of allowable free luggage - with the applicable weight restrictions. The travel agent also confirmed that the bike would be transported with pedals removed, handlebars turned and suitable packed - large plastic bag is OK. If the bike is a third piece of luggage then a charge of $150.00 would apply - I assume Canadian dollars?

>From Cathay's website....
"Free baggage allowance if you are travelling to, from or via the USA, Canada and selected South American countries. Checked Bags (2); Total Dimensions (L+W+H) Per Bag 158 cm, (62); Maximum Weight Per Bag 32kg (70lbs). "

"The following is considered as 1 piece of check-in baggage (regardless of size). With a total dimension of 62in/158cm (Width + Height + Length).

"1 Wheelchair for personal use only will be carried free of charge as a check-in item. Bicycle - suitably packed, touring or racing bicycle, single seat, non-motorized provided that handle bars are fixed sideways and pedals removed. 1 sleeping bag or bedroll, rucksack, knapsack, back pack, duffle-type bag or a type 22 bag. 1 pair of snow skis, with 1 pair of ski poles and 1 pair of ski boots (or 1 snow board and boots). 1 golf bag containing golf clubs and 1 pair of golf shoes. 1 suitably packed fishing equipment with 2 rods, 1 reel, 1 landing net, 1 pair of fishing boots, 1 fishing tackle box. Any portable musical instrument not exceeding 39in/100cm in length. 1 pair of standard water skis or 1 slalom water ski. Surfboard: not included in the free baggage allowances.

The first paragraph of the last section is ambiguous, as it states that the following items can be checked in regardless of size, and then the statement follows on with some dimensions???

Adam K.
Sidney, BC Website:

Adam K., August 27, 2003

Bikes on Cathay Pacific and Vietnam Airlines

I travelled through Vietnam April 2002 on a bicycle and used Cathay Pacific and Vietnam Airlines. I had a bike box out of Australia into Hong Kong and onto Hanoi with no problems at any airport. I paid the small excess for it to travel with me on trains in Vietnam with no problems, just make sure you arrive early to check the bike in at the station.

I also used buses in Vietnam with the bike travelling on top of the bus without concern. I returned to Australia with the bike packed not in a box but wrapped in food wrap, plastic sheeting, tape and string with the pedals, wheels and seat removed to help reduce it's overall size, apart from the curious looks I got at check-ins I had no problems with either airline.

wayne, May 10, 2003

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