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For a high-end mountain bike with all the right components, check out the Yeti SB5c. This well-designed bike features the Switch Infinity suspension system and incredible performance. The Shimano brakes, SRAM drivetrain, and carbon wheels all make this bike a versatile and reliable ride.

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Bike Name Reseller Price
Yeti Beti SB5C NX Jenson 2016
Yeti Beti SB5C NX Jenson 2016
$6,499 $3,999
You save 38%
Yeti SB5C XT Jenson 2016
Yeti SB5C XT Jenson 2016
$6,299 $4,499
You save 29%

Yeti SB5c Review

We couldn’t find anything wrong with the Yeti SB5c, which gave us some easy handling on climbs and descents alike. This bike is smooth sailing through and through, and well worth every cent you will spend on it. The best price you can hope for will involve switching out the carbon wheels for alloys, which will knock off a couple of thousands. With either option, you still get a high quality bike worth buying.

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