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The Merida Speeder range offers something for everybody. With budget-friendly options and midrange level prices as well, you can easily get your hybrid road bike needs met with a Speeder. These bikes are designed with a well-thought out kit for city riders. Rack mounts and fenders offer extra functionality and convenience. You will certainly get value for money with a Speeder.

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Fitnessbike Merida Speeder 300 2017 frei Haus
Fitnessbike Merida Speeder 300 2017 frei Haus

Merida Speeder Review

We loved the Merida Speeder bikes, with platform pedals, upright position, and Shimano-heavy componentry. The disc brakes and the treads on these bikes are perfect for most weather conditions. For a responsive and fast ride, the Merida Speeder bikes will definitely deliver. With well-combined components and clever designing, the Speeder lives up to its name.

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