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The Intense M series of bikes are made for downhill riding, and they do their job so well that you don’t even feel bad about climbing again. They’ve been around for almost 22 years now, and the M16 is the sixteenth iteration of the bike. This one has been used by the best names in the business.

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Bike Name Reseller Price
Intense M16 Jenson SRAM 2016
Intense M16 Jenson SRAM 2016
$7,299 $3,399
You save 53%
Intense M16 Alloy Pro 2015 16
Intense M16 Alloy Pro 2015 16
$8,499 $3,800
You save 55%
Intense M16 Alloy Pro 2016
Intense M16 Alloy Pro 2016
$7,999 $4,000
You save 50%
Intense M16 Carbon Expert 2016
Intense M16 Carbon Expert 2016
$5,899 $4,699
You save 20%

Intense M16 Review

The Intense M16 that we reviewed was one that we were all really looking forward to. It is available in two different types of frames – the aluminum build and the carbon fiber frame. Both models look the same, although we reviewed the M16C, which was carbon fiber.

Parts on the bike that we noticed right off the bat included the RockShox Boxxer suspension, SRAM X01 drivetrain and amazing Shimano Saint brakes. The M16C also has the unique advantage of beautiful cable routing on the inside tube of the bike.

Not most bikes have fully internalized routing for their cables, but the Intense series does. The suspension is one of the highlights of the bike – they use a very progressive curve for the suspension’s effects, which allows for the bike to stay away from the ground without hitting it on the bigger bumps.

While the handling of the bike wasn’t something to write home about, it was pretty great on most of the declines that we tried it out on, and the suspension was very powerful indeed. Overall, it was quite a great experience.


  • Great frame options and design
  • Good groupset and gearing
  • Internal cable routing
  • Great suspension


  • Can be a little unpredictable on sharp turns

The Verdict

The perfect bike for riding downhill, the Intense M16 series has some of the best suspension and power transmission out there, and is definitely a joy to ride.

We really had a blast riding downhill on the Intense M16, and felt like it had a lot of potential. We can’t wait to see how the bike’s design changes over the years in the future.

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