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Haro Projekt is a low-cost and minimalist city commuter bike. It sports a lovely classic design and keenly-detailed specs to ensure comfort, safety and capability. If you are a pragmatic cyclists or an everyday commuter, this model has everything you need. Projeckt is suitable for beginner level riders.

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Bike Name Reseller Price
2015 Haro Projekt Fixie Single-speed Rooster
2015 Haro Projekt Fixie Single-speed Rooster

Haro Projekt Review

Haro Projekt doesn’t promise anything big. It’s a simply designed bike model with practicality in mind. As for design, this model has a full chromoly frame, horizontal dropouts, flip-flop rear hub and a slim padded saddle. The saddle is very comfortable and also quite stylish. If you like leisurely cycling or want to navigate rush hour traffic safely, this is the model you need.

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