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If you need an easily affordable but versatile bike that can handle paved roads, gravel, and dirt, then try the Fuji Traverse. The Traverse range includes aluminum-heavy construction and Shimano and Tektro components. These bikes are also low maintenance and highly durable, making them ideal for heavy usage.

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Bike Name Reseller Price
2013 Fuji Traverse ST 1.3 24-speed 18
2013 Fuji Traverse ST 1.3 24-speed 18

Fuji Traverse Review

The Fuji Traverse series features basic components but offers above par performance for the price you’ll pay for one of these bikes. We loved that the wheelset afforded more responsiveness and faster acceleration. With a generally smooth ride and excellent traction, we can vouch for the Fuji Traverse as a great all-purpose bike.

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