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Slower In Winter
Why is Winter Riding Slower?

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Technical Discussion of Traction on Ice

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Riding Techniques

There are as many different techniques for riding on ice and snow as there are varieties of snow.
There are certain common techniques that seem to be useful in many instances. If you are new to ICEBIKING you may find the collected experiences of dozens of other ICEBIKERS from all over the world useful in your first year.  These tips were garnered from the mailing list topics.

You will also find that your bike handling skills improve remarkably during a winter of riding. You will gain an appreciation for and an ability to judge road conditions. You will get over the "tensed up" rigid riding that so often afflicts new winter cyclists. You will learn to plan your stops, to judge and select the path of most traction.

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Winter Techniques

Black Ice

Deep Snow

Hard Back

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