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Trek is a company that is known for its amazing range of bikes. They were also pioneers in introducing the Women Specific Bike design over 20 years ago. The Trek Silque is one of a kind, that’s for sure, with amazing levels of comfort, speed and finesse during your ride.

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Bike Name Reseller Price
Trek Silque 4 2017 Black Pink
Trek Silque 4 2017 Black Pink
$1,400 $1,706
Trek Silque SLX 2016
Trek Silque SLX 2016
$3,000 $2,844
Trek Silque SLR 7 2017
Trek Silque SLR 7 2017
$4,400 $4,062
You save 8%

Trek Silque Review

The Trek Silque is just one of a lineup of over 25 different models, all of which are made specifically for the female body. One of the most prominent advantages of this bike that we noticed was the fact that every single component on the frame is streamlined to perfection.

In addition to this, there is a very cool new feature on the joint between the vertical and horizontal components of the frame – they are fixed together by a pivot. This pivot is called the ISOspeed Decoupler, and is a very hush hush technology from Trek.

The problem that a lot of people have noticed with bikes that are made with the seatposts having a lot of flex is that they tend to be way too bouncy on the bumpier roads out there. The whole point of the saddle is to soften the ride as much as possible, and it does its job remarkably well. No matter what you plan on using this beautiful machine for, it is always going to serve you well, that’s for sure.
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  • Great women friendly design
  • Nice tires and wheels
  • Great gearset and components
  • Very effective ride softening mechanism

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  • Handling is not the most responsive


The Verdict

The Trek Silque is a bike that is capable of making any woman happy just because it rides so smoothly on the rougher roads. Definitely a bike worth taking a look at.

Overall, we had a great time reviewing the Trek Silque line, and thought it was a great option for its Shimano Ultegra brakes, the nice WSD design of the bike and the frame, as well as how streamlined the design was.

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