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The Trek Madone is a gorgeous aerodynamic racing bike that has been built for one purpose – to eat up the streets like the miles were blueberries. Priced at a very decent point for its spec, this Trek beauty is one for the history books for its precision, speed and handling.

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Trek Madone Review

The Trek Madone is one of the most beautiful looking road bikes that we have seen to date. It has been changed drastically from what it used to look like and feel like, and is finally the aero racing machine it always dreamed of being.

The Madone finally features the premium Trek ISOspeed decoupler, which is a pivot that connects the top tube to the seat tube. The purpose of this little addition is to provide the rear of the bike with enough flex to make the worst roads feel like a ride on clouds, without the need for a heavy shock absorption system.


While the frame on the outside is very rigid to be faster and to slice through the air, Trek has a tube inside the outer tube that is more flexible and able to absorb nearly all of the vertical vibrations of the bike. We did notice that the bike wasn’t nearly as comfortable as some of the other bikes on the market in the same genre, but it is definitely one of the more confident no matter the quality of the road.


  • Beautiful design with elongated tubes
  • ISOspeed decoupler for better damping
  • Lightweight and awesome
  • Tube within a tube design


  • Doesn’t have enough snap to be a real racer

The Verdict

This aero bomb is a bike that has been made to please both visually and while on the streets. It slices through the air with precision while maintaining comfort as well.

We had such a great time on the Trek Madone that we didn’t want to get off it. This gorgeous little number was perfect for our needs, although it wasn’t as fast as we would have liked it to have been.

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