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Trek Lexa Review

We took a peek at the Trek Lexa, and were more than happy with what we saw. For one, this was a very cheap bike when compared to some of the other aluminum bikes that Trek has put out there. It features some of the best components out there for that price range – Shimano Sora groupsets, and makes use of the WSD geometry 100 Series A frame, which is targeted to fit women specifically.

This frame is paired with some very cool carbon fiber forks that are made for the road. The frame can also have racks and mudguards fixed to it. The rest of the trappings on the bike are made by Bontrager, including the rims and the tires as well as the saddle and the bars.

When we took the bike out for a spin, we realized that the bike was pretty great for a quick ride out. The weight wasn’t an issue at all, and it handled really well, without being too clunky when climbing either. One small area that needed improvement was probably the alloy brake system that wasn’t the absolute best.

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  • Aluminum frame
  • Cheap and affordable
  • Made for women
  • Great forks
  • Nice handling

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  • Unbranded brakes that aren’t the best


The Verdict

A women’s bike that is made for all those ladies and people with more feminine frames who want to ride a road bike that doesn’t cost the price of selling both your kidneys.

This was a fun ride indeed, and we couldn’t find much to say that wasn’t in favor of using this bike. The Trek Lexa is definitely one of those machines that really sticks with you.

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