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Trek Domane Review

Trek Domane is one of the most popular endurance bike models in the market. When it was first released, the original Domane was praised by fans and critics alike, and remains one of the most favored bikes of dedicated endurance cyclists. There are a number of new bikes still being released under this title. We tested several new Domane bikes to see if they still held the standards of the original.

Newer bike models like Domane SLR do feature some new designs. The Domane models are known for extended seatposts which makes gripping the handlebars easy on long rides. Unlike most Trek bikes, Domane bikes are not at all stiff. Most are very compliant and responsive, which definitely goes to say that the Domane bikes hold their top spot as the best endurance bikes. The newer Domane models are actually slightly more compliant than the older ones.

Riding a Domane bike is an experience in and of itself. These bikes are really light and smooth. There’s no squishiness or bumpiness with these bikes. This lightweight machine is surprisingly racy, as expected from an endurance bike. These bikes can accommodate massive tires, which we are sure endurance cyclists will really love. These bikes are comfortable when racing or climbing.

The gearing also makes these bikes really capable. Climbing was smooth, but the descents were a bit challenging. Expect more choppiness as you come down. The only issue we had was the brakes. The brakes work depending on how hard you hit. This model would do better with disc brakes, but you may have to wait a while for that.


  • Superior quality
  • Smooth, bump-free rides
  • Lightweight


  • Non-disc brakes

The Verdict

Trek Domane is one of the most popular endurance bike models in the market. If you are serious about endurance cycling, then this is definitely the bike to own. These bikes are lightweight and ride smoothly on roads. They are comfortable too. You probably won’t find a better option for endurance cycling.

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