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Trek Crossrip Review

An aluminum frame made out of Trek’s own special formula started the Trek Crossrip off, featuring some very neat welding work and a nice, classy finish of metallic grey. The head angle was somewhere between being aggressive and more upright, which we also expected from a bike that was almost a hybrid.

The fork was perfect though – built for cyclocross with carbon blades and made out of alloy. One thing we did realize early on in the review was that this bike was built for comfort, so that our commutes wouldn’t be nearly as messy as they could be.

While the ride wasn’t exactly unresponsive, it was still a machine that required some effort to keep a steady pace and make sharper turns. We were, however, pleased with the comfort and the riding position of the bike in general. Overall, this definitely wasnnt one that we would classify as a cyclocross bike, but it was one that could perform as one when it wanted to.

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  • Nice hybrid design with a light frame
  • Made for comfort rather than speed
  • Cyclocross capable

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  • Takes a little effort to remain at a steady pace


The Verdict

Made for the streets as much as it is built for the trails, the Crossrip rips through the competition in glorious style, turning any trip into a thing of beauty.

We had a ton of fun reviewing the bike, and thought that it performed remarkably well under any circumstances. However, it wasn’t able to race anywhere because of the way it has been designed for casual commuting.

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