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The Trek Crockett is a gorgeous cyclocross bike that has been designed by Trek to be at the very top of the line when it comes to competing in world class events. Champions in the US such as Katie Compton herself have raced the Crockett to victory over and over in the past, making this a bike with a pedigree.

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Trek Crockett 5 Disc 2020
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Trek Crockett 4 Disc 2020

Trek Crockett Review

When we took a look at the Trek Crockett, we enjoyed feeling the proprietary aluminum alloy that the company used when building it. A full carbon fork is attached to the head tube, along with a very nice bottom bracket that stands up to the test of time pretty well.

In addition to this, there are disc brakes that provide the stopping power one needs on a racing model, along with plenty of mud clearance. We did notice that the wheelbase was a bit bigger than normal, at 1m or more, and allowed us to have a lot of stability as we went down slopes at speed.

In addition to this stability, responsiveness was also at a high, as we were able to take sharp turns on some pretty slippery roads with ease. While the bike doesn’t really stand out in the way you would think, this is a solid all-rounder that is capable of keeping up with the very best wherever it goes.


  • Great frame material and design
  • Carbon fork with lots of clearance
  • Long wheelbase for more stability
  • Very responsive ride


  • Doesn’t really stand out

The Verdict

The Trek Crockett is a little like Davey Crockett – a solid, reliable champion who will always doggedly win no matter what – and this is a good thing!

We didn’t have any complaints when using the Trek Crockett save one – for a bike with such an impeccable track record of winning, it could have been visually improved a lot more. However, the actual ride was really lovely and it is definitely a bike we would recommend.

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