Trek Boone

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Trek Boone Review

This company is known for some of the best bicycle engineering around, and it’s been in the business since the 70s. So we weren’t surprised when we took these bikes out for review that the Trek Boone were high performers. These bikes were made for the road.

From the look, to the componentry, to the performance, these bikes deliver through and through. The frames are nice and light, and you’ll get a smooth ride every time. The only issue you may have is on the ascents. We found some of the bikes to be extremely tiring with the 36/30 minimum gear ratio. You’ll have the workhorse Shimano 105s on the midrange models, with the top models sporting the droolworthy Shimano Ultegra Di2 groupsets.

The top models are amazing for the price of a few thousand dollars. For a carbon model and these pro specs, the Trek Boone 9 Disc is a steal. If you don’t mind the high gear ratios, these bikes should serve you well.


  • Lightweight carbon fiber frames
  • Choice componentry even on the bottom models
  • Great price considering specs
  • Smooth riding and easy handling
  • Total value for money


  • High minimum gear ratios
  • Steep climbs, long stretches are exhausting

The Verdict

An excellent series of carbon fiber cyclocross bikes for leisure and for racing, with good componentry and an even better price range.

The Trek Boone bikes are pretty much the whole package. They look good, they ride well, and they won’t break the bank. We definitely recommend these for enthusiasts and racers.