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Trek 520 is one of the best known tour bike models out there. These bikes are notable for classic design and stretched out frames. Frames can be bought in different sizes depending on the rider’s height. Most components of these bikes are cheap enough to replace too.

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Trek 520 Disc 2019 Touring
Trek 520 Disc 2019 Touring

Trek 520 Review

Trek 520 is the only touring bike model offered by the brand. If you are a beginner, you can go on tours on any kind of bike. However, after a while, you’d notice that some tour bikes are better than most. That’s what the 520 is. We reviewed this bike model on several long tours.

The 520 bikes come in five different frame sizes: 48, 51, 54, 57, and 60 cm. You can choose depending on your height. These bikes feature chromoly steel frames that come is various colors. The frames have a stretched out type of geometry. We found it to be really comfortable during our long rides. Also, the frame is really durable, as expected from a long-distance bike model. Some may not know that this model has been around since the seventies. It’s really old. But the new bikes you buy would have been upgrade by Trek. The brand paints the exteriors in new colors every year. Yet, the ideas behind the overall design are the same.

We found the 520 bikes really suitable for everyday commuting as well, if you don’t mind the pedaling. Most components on the bike are Shimano. Most parts remain the same as the original models. The advantage is that these components are really inexpensive now so replacing won’t break the bank. However, don’t expect the bikes to be cheap as well. The retail price for a 520 is rather steep.

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  • Well known tour bike
  • Stretched out frame makes riding comfortable
  • Parts can be replaced inexpensively in needed

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  • Retail price a bit expensive


The Verdict

If you are looking for a classic tour bike, then look no further than the Trek 520. This bike has been a favorite for long-distance cyclists since the seventies. While the retail price for the model can be expensive, the parts are cheap enough to replace. This model is comfortable to ride and is definitely a classic for a reason.

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