Specialized Venge

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Specialized Venge Review

There are many models of the Venge, and one of them has been used for the professional racing circuit with a lot of success over the years. The frame of the bike, as we noticed, was made from carbon fiber and was pretty light when we weighed it.

It is heavier than the pure racing model, but that’s okay because it makes the ride a little more comfortable for normal cyclists who don’t do it on the professional circuit. It looks incredibly aerodynamic and accelerates like a beast, spinning up to top speed as soon as we started pushing on the pedals.

Even the Shimano Ultegra shifters and gearing were incredibly smooth, without any trouble at all quickly shifting up and down as we needed to. The handlebars were Specialized Tarmac Comp bars, with grips that curved downwards ergonomically and turned the entire bike into a deadly weapon built for slicing through the air with precision and power.


  • Lovely frame design – carbon fiber with a carbon fork
  • Bars are great for control
  • Aerodynamic design
  • High speed and acceleration
  • Much more comfortable than the racing model


  • Still not as awesomely fast as the other models

The Verdict

The Specialized Venge is a bike that is made for the streets, and it is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to show off that they know what the true meaning of speed is.

We really enjoyed the Specialized Venge, and thought that it was one of the best, fastest and most awesome bikes that we have reviewed to date, at least for the streets. We recommend this to anyone who wants to feel like a pro.