Specialized Tarmac

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Specialized Tarmac Review

Specialized Tarmac is one outstanding upgrade to the model we are all familiar with. When we took this model out for a review, we were sure that it would be not much different from the previous Calliper model. Boy, we were wrong. Not only did this model impress us, it also made out reviewing process quite fun.

First of all, the frame. This model is a wireless system, so the frame has no unsightly drillings or fixtures. The model forgoes all such outdates fixtures in order to make the S-Works eTap work. If you are familiar with the Specialized brand, you know that none of its rivals have these features. The frame makes the bike highly responsive and easy to navigate on rough terrain like gravelly roads.

The model has carbon CLX 40 40mm deep wheels that are impressively sturdy. They turn thanks ceramic bearings shod and hubs to hubs made with DT Swiss 240 internals. The Turbo cotton tires are easy to ride on; it’s really like cycling though soft mud. The bikes of this model have Red eTap brakes. The saddle is a carbon railed S-Works Toupé one. It’s very comfortable and does not cause stinging pain on long rides.

As for the price, expect to pay something in the top 25 percent range. But it’s all worth it.


  • Great design
  • Very comfortable
  • Sturdy wheels
  • Wireless system


  • High price tag

The Verdict

Looking for a sports utility bike that offers state-of-the-art design? That’s what Specialized Tarmac is.

This model is ideal for those who want to upgrade to a superior design. The wireless frame system works wonders. The smooth, non-traditional frame offers superior navigational capability better than expected.