Specialized Ruby

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Specialized Ruby Review

There are very few instances that the Ruby series does not shine. Built for women, this bike ticks all of the boxes. It is comfortable, resilient, and most importantly good for a variety of occasions. Whether you are just getting started or looking for an upgrade, the Specialized Ruby is a good option.

One of the best parts about this bike is that it offers up an incredibly smooth ride. There are two reasons for this comfort. The first is the carbon frame that comes with the bike. It helps to absorb pretty much all of the impact from the roads. The second cause is the seat itself. It comes equipped with elements that help to take away all of the discomfort of hitting any bumps or potholes. If you are planning on going for long rides, this is definitely the bike that you want with you.

We decided to head to a more elevated terrain to see just how well the bike did on the slopes. As the bike is at a not too heavy, not too light weight, it gets up hills quite easily. You do not have to strain to be able to get to a peak. Going down a hill is smooth sailing as well. While the brakes are not excellent, they certainly are good. Even heading down at a speed, you will be able to come to a stop without a problem.

While it is not necessarily a disadvantage, the bike is a little heavy for racing. While you will be able to go fast, the Ruby is not as fast as other race bikes. Of course, unless you are planning on competing, this not something that you necessarily have to worry about.


  • Comfortable ride
  • Smooth handling
  • Good brakes
  • Excellent frame
  • Good for all terrain


  • Not the best racing bike
  • Can get a little pricey

The Verdict

The Specialized Ruby is a good solid bike that is good for both beginners and experts alike.

As mentioned, this bike is not the cheapest option on the market. That being said, you are probably not going to need another bike with this one at your disposal. Therefore, it does not seem like such a high price to pay.