Specialized Roubaix

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Specialized Roubaix Review

Specialized has put a lot of research into these bikes, and their decades of expertise shows in this line, of course, as with most of their bikes. We took some of the top and bottom models of this line for a few test runs for this review, and as you can see, we were quite pleased.

If you forced us to make a complaint, we might say that the shifters felt a tad bit sluggish on one or two of the lower end models. We loved everything else and just couldn’t find flaws. Of course, the top models were the most buttery smooth rides, but the overall range features some high quality carbon frames and forks, endurance geometry, and excellent suspension.

These bikes are super comfortable, which is perfect for those longer rides and road races. They take most potholes like a pro, and handling is an absolute breeze. These bikes earn a good two thumbs up from all our reviewers.


  • Smooth riding
  • Quality SRAM and Shimano componentry
  • Lightweight carbon materials
  • Versatile
  • Endurance geometry
  • Comfortable and reliable
  • Speedy


  • Shifters are a little sluggish on one or two models, but we can forgive this!

The Verdict

A high quality series of bikes, even on the lower end of the spectrum, and well worth the price for this kind of performance!

The Specialized Roubaix series definitely has a few winners in it. We had a lot of fun with this review, and if you can shell out the dough for a Roubaix, we recommend it all the way. Don’t take our word for it though.