Specialized Hotrock

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Specialized Hotrock Review

The Specialized Hotrock has been a favorite among parents and children alike. This is largely due to the attention paid to the geometry, the components, and the detail. There is nothing sloppy about this bike and this makes it well-priced for what you are offered in return. One thing we did notice was that the bike seemed to be a little heavy, especially compared to similar models.

We found a young rider who was willing to test out the Hotrock for us. As we anticipated, there was a complaint about the bike being a bit heavy. Due to this, it took them a little time to accelerate. However, once they were moving, the weight seemed to be less of an issue. The Hotrock is certainly fast and has little trouble keeping up with bigger bikes. The geometry is spaced well which means that children of all heights will find it easy to sit up straight and grasp the handlebars.

Since the bike (and the rider) was performing so well, we decided to see what it would look like on some small slopes. Due to the excellent cassette, the Hotrock practically sailed up the shorter slopes and going downhill was just as smooth. For slightly sleeper slopes a little bit more effort is needed but it still climbs well. The brakes are quite responsive and the bikes comes to a halt which just the gentlest squeeze.

The fork, in particular, is well-suited to a more adventurous rider. They will have absolutely no trouble at all catching air and will not want to stop once they get started.


  • Good price
  • Quality components
  • Great for climbing
  • Good geometry


  • A bit heavy for children

The Verdict

The Specialized Hotrock has a lot to offer a budding rider including comfort, stability, and plenty of fun. It is equally as easy to ride on flat land as it is to climb slopes and even catch air.