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If you are looking for an entry-level beginner city bike, the Specialized Dolce might be what you are looking for. This bike is great for most people who are interested in venturing into sports or are just looking to get a little more adventurous.

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Specialized Dolce Sport 2019
Specialized Dolce Sport 2019
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Specialized Dolce Review

The Specialized Dolce road bike is not particularly well known or high profile, but we can certainly support the cause. Specialized is known for its efforts to improve the lives of children with ADHD through biking. The Dolce line was developed particularly for women, so we decided to review it to see if it lives up to its purpose.

The Dolce certainly has the aesthetic appeal of a bike of this price range, with a sleek and slightly curvy look to the aluminum frame and carbon fork. The geometry, overall design, and the dimensions are clearly suited for the average woman.

Looks aside though, we had to put some of the technical specs to the test. The riding experience is generally stable, with excellent vibration damping and shock absorption. With a weight of around 10 kg, the bike may feel a little heavy, but it is easy to maneuver, and we had no trouble taking the bike through gravel and paved roads.


  • Women-friendly dimensions
  • Vibration damping
  • Versatile


  • On the heavy side
  • Disc brakes add a bit of weight
  • Not for smaller-made women

The Verdict

A good bike for long excursions, especially with the pannier mounted on the back, and a great look for the more appearance-conscious.

We really loved the Specialized Dolce for its look, its feel, and its performance. The specs don’t give you a major advantage if you hope to use it for something sporty, but for the price you pay, you certainly will get your money’s worth.

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