Specialized Diverge

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Specialized Diverge Review

The second we climbed onto the Specialized Diverge, we knew that this was a bike we were going to really enjoy reviewing. We couldn’t look at all six of the models, but we did take a look at both the stock and the Carbon Comp versions of it.

Everything about this bike is chunky, from the hydraulic brakes by Shimano to the handlebars that are double rapped for extra comfort, all the way to the 32mm thick tires that perform like MTB tires. The bike felt incredibly sturdy and reliable, and all of this was before we had even got the chance to ride it.

The shifters on this bike were Shimano Ultegra, and the chainset is Shimano as well. We felt that the addition of mounts for panniers and racks along with bottles has led to the term “adventure bike” being a very apt description for this beauty. Overall, we really did have a ton of fun on the Diverge.


  • Great frame and fork design
  • Sturdy and comfortable ride
  • Great components, shifters and gearing
  • Mounts and racks available


  • Handlebars don’t drop enough

The Verdict

The Diverge is a bike that caters to a very specific type of rider. If you are someone who wants to be a casual enthusiast for cyclocross, this is the perfect machine for you.

We really branched out with the Specialized Diverge, and we loved embracing its unique style of cycling. From the great components and gearset to the way it handled, this was a bike that we loved to love! As for the bad – the handlebars being too shallow wasn’t really a complaint that we would take to heart.