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The Specialized Crux is a sexy and enthralling racer that is capable of some great cross-country performance. It is the embodiment of power off-road, and is perfect for anyone looking to build up their skills in the field of XC biking and learning to be a pro.

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Specialized Crux Elite 2020
Specialized Crux Elite 2020

Specialized Crux Review

With the Specialized Crux comes a whole lot of drama. There is good and there is bad, and we are here to talk about all of it. For one, the design of the frame is such that there is a slacker head angle and a lower bracket at the bottom for more speed and precision.

It sticks doggedly at the trail or the road, going around corners with relative ease, without the need for us to keep wrenching the bars. We did like that the fork was fully made from carbon, and that it had a ton of flex as well.

It also manages to look good throughout, from the clean, cable-free frame to the nice hydraulic disc brakes that provide a lot of power. While riding it, we realized that the one thing this bike did provide was value for money. However, it didn’t shine in any one aspect, instead being a solid and dependable bike for everyone to use.


  • Aggressive riding stance
  • Nice frame design
  • Good fork design
  • Clean and cable free
  • Hydraulic brakes
  • Worth the cost v


  • Doesn’t shine at all

The Verdict

This is a cyclocross bike that is bound to make you feel like a boss on it as long as you know what to expect from it. Solid, dependable and a nice all-rounder.

We didn’t have the worst time ever on the bike, but it wasn’t the best either. It was, instead, a nice bike to ride and one that we enjoyed being on. However, the lack of personality led to it being a pretty average experience overall.

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