Specialized Allez

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Specialized Allez Review

The Specialized Allez has been evolving for the last four decades, and with the new Smartweld technology and Shimano components, this bike has come a long way. The bike is a little on the heavy side, perhaps because of the weight added by the puncture resistant rubber on the wheels. This is a small price to pay, however, given the grip we noticed when we took the bike down a wet street. Though the majority of this range doesn’t sport the best Shimano components, the combinations used do deliver a smooth and controlled ride.

One complaint that kept cropping up, however, is that there are several other bikes in this class that offer better specs for the price, so if you’re looking for high quality and low price, there might be better choices. However, this is one entry-level low-mid range priced bike that we were pretty pleased with for its performance. As mentioned, it’s probably best suited to beginners interested in racing.


  • Smooth ride
  • Quality aluminum framesets
  • Great on wet surfaces
  • Comfortable contact points


  • Better specs on other bikes in this price range
  • Weight not optimal for steep climbs
  • Large levers not optimal for smaller hands

The Verdict

The Specialized Allez is a good choice for an entry-level beginner bike, able to take on wet roads without a struggle.

If you’re not too picky or looking for star performance, then the Specialized Allez should be enough. It’s ideal if you are just starting out in the racing world, but you can do better for the price of this mid-range bike. Considering its decent capabilities and uses as a practice bike, it is still worth starting out with this bike.