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If you have ever longingly wondered about an aero bike that could get you through a triathlon, the Specialized Alias shows that someone was listening. This bike was designed with women specifically in mind. The Alias boasts a FACT 10r carbon frame with a Women’s Alias Geometry. There are a couple of models available in this series and you should be able to find one that fits your price range.

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Specialized Alias Tiagra 2016 Carbon
Specialized Alias Tiagra 2016 Carbon
$2,000 $1,762
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Specialized Alias Review

Specialized saw an opening and they went for it. When they came up with this concept, they were trying to create a bike for a woman who wanted to do everything. This means that the Alias was designed to be an aerodynamically precise road bike as well as one that could be used in a triathlon. It is certainly an interesting idea so we decided to put it to the test.

We took this bike onto the road to see what it had to offer. As a road bike, the Alias has aero tube shapes, airfoil seat stays, and the cable is routed internally. All in all, it cannot be denied that the Alias is a smooth ride, allowing you to pick up speed when needed. It is certainly a comfortable option as well.

So, there were no triathlons taking place at the time of the review. Nevertheless, it was not hard to replicate. After all what makes a true triathlon bike is the shallow seat tube angle. Most road bikes do not have this, causing triathletes to compromise on both handling as well as balance. Well, the Alias has taken care of that with a 77°-78° seat tube angle. This means that it can easily be switched for triathlete purposes.

This is definitely a great bike and is certainly opening up a niche where one did not exist before. In this way, it really has been paving the way. Still, it would be great if the bike was a little more aerodynamic. While it is fast, the overall design could still be improved.

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  • Good frame
  • Nice handling
  • Easily makes the switch from triathlon bike to road bike and vice versa

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  • Not as aerodynamic as it could be
  • A little expensive


The Verdict

While a little on the expensive side, the Specialized Alias is an innovative bike that works well for the multitasking woman.

Specialized Alias must really be congratulated on this novel bike. While there may still be improvements to make and the bike is a little expensive, it is an exciting breakthrough.

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