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Sensa Trentino Review

One thing that you can certainly admire Sensa for is its remarkable workmanship. While the frame is made of aluminum, they have done a wonderful job of making it look absolutely seamless. The geometry of this bike is quite impressive. The Trentino is as compact as possible and this certainly plus when you are racing.

It was then time to see if this frame amounted to much. So we hit a couple of different terrain trying to see just how well the Sensa Trentino would perform on each one. We started out easy enough on road. For the most part, the Trentino really gives you everything it’s got. Its lightness allows it to be quite speedy and the steering is quite attuned to every instruction. The stiffness that this bike offers is also quite good and does put you ahead of the competition.

Then we headed to less green pastures to see just how much this bike would deliver on tougher terrain. It is sad to say but this is where the Trentino fell short. While the frame is quite well designed, the wheels need some improvement. They are not really equipped to deal with anything other than smooth surfaces. As such, if you are heading out for a bumpier ride, you are definitely going to feel it.

That being said, the Trentino is a great racing bike. In that department, it really is top notch. The only problem is that you cannot really expect much else from it. If you are a keen racer and simply looking for a good bike, the Sensa Trentino will certainly serve its purpose.

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  • Light frame
  • Overall good design
  • Good handling
  • A good racing bike

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  • Not very comfortable
  • A bit expensive


The Verdict

The Sensa Trentino is a quality racing bike that will offer an impressive performance.

If you do not mind the cost or the comfort aspects of the Sensa Trentino, then it is a good buy. You will undoubtedly be able to appreciate its racing abilities.

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