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Sensa Lombardia Review

The Sensa Lombardia is built for the road, with its ultra light frames, above par components, and comfortable construction. After a few rides around town and across some hilly spots, we were sure that this is a good buy.

Our test rides were smooth, with hardly any struggle or sliding up and downhill. The Shimano 105 models were obviously upstaged by the Ultegra models, but overall, the range picked up some incredible speeds. The wheelsets and frame together form a very balanced and stiff ride, which is right up the roadster’s alley.

At the bottom of the line, the models do have some great components, but the Shimano 105s don’t cut it given the price. What you are paying for, however, are the lightweight full carbon frames and forks. If you are planning to get a Sensa Lombardia, go for an Ultegra. You’ll have to pay just a bit extra, but the difference is clear.

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  • Quality componentry
  • Amazingly light full carbon frames and forks
  • Smooth and stable handling
  • Balanced and stiff build
  • Comfortable ride even on long trips
  • Ultegra models offer amazing speeds

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  • Shimano 105s on some models not quite on par for the price


The Verdict

A pretty good race bike with midrange componentry and super light materials, providing smooth, endurance-oriented rides.

The Sensa Lombardia range has some great models for hitting the road. With water bottle mounts on their lightweight frames, they are especially suitable for longer runs. If you need speed and maneuverability, don’t go for Shimano 105s; those are better for buyers looking for functionality and affordability.

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