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Sensa Dura Review

The Sensa Dura bikes were not just fun to review, but we found them stunning with their specs and their performance. These lightweight bikes are just about perfect for their time trial and triathlon purpose. The Dutch manufacturers have been in the business for the last couple of decades, so it’s no surprise that they’ve come up with some great models.

The Dura bikes feature some seriously aerodynamic geometry and some unbelievable lightweight, shaped carbon frames and forks. With the Shimano Ultegra and Schwalbe components, these bikes definitely pack a punch.

We took them for a spin and hit some incredible speeds. No surprise there, with such lightweight materials and quality components. These bikes are smooth, easy to handle, and ride like the wind. They’re definitely worth spending on, and for a small price, you can get a custom build too.

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  • Smooth riding
  • Perfect for time trial and triathlons
  • Super light
  • Lighting fast
  • Looks great, feels even greater

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  • None we could find!


The Verdict

A great option for long rides, time trials, and triathlons, featuring some excellent specs at a great midrange price.

If you are looking to catch some serious wind with a nice, light bike for your triathlons, or even if you just have a need for speed, the Sensa Dura bikes may just be right up your alley. We certainly enjoyed getting to review these bikes, and if our rating is anything to go by, you should definitely try them yourself.

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