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If you are all about going as fast as possible, while maintaining some comfort then the Sensa Aquila SL should be in your possession. With a lightweight carbon fiber composed frame, the Sensa Aquila weighs around 7.5 kilos. The bike is on the higher end of the price spectrum.

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Sensa Aquila SL LTD Carbon Shiny Carbon Clear UD
Sensa Aquila SL LTD Carbon Shiny Carbon Clear UD
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Sensa Aquila SL Review

When it has come to creating a near perfect race bike, the Sensa team have started at the very beginning. This is in regards to the lightweight frame that the design team have put together. The frame weighs a mere 940 grams. All of the other components, including the fork, have similarly been kept to as low a weight as possible.

The lack of weight is instantly felt, just by straddling the bike. This is definitely something that you want in a race or road bike and here, the Sensa Aquila SL delivers. So now, it was show time. From the first push of the pedal, the Aquila SL took off, all but flying across the road. All of that effort that went in to minimizing the weight of the bike really paid off!

Another thing that we were pleasantly surprised with was the level of comfort. Now, the seat itself is quite narrow which can seem a bit uncomfortable. However, when coupled with the seatstays and a 27.5 mm seatpost, the Aquila SL is afforded a great deal of comfort. This is something that we discovered even as we took in on some bumpier terrain. It is a good sign that the bike is not afraid to take the brunt of the terrain.

Despite this comfort, it is important to mention that the Sensa Aquila SL is still strictly a performance bike. Now, you may not want to use it in races. Nonetheless, it is still best suited to the individual who wants to get from one point to another as fast as possible.

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  • Incredibly lightweight frame
  • Light components
  • Comfortable seating
  • Fast

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  • A bit expensive
  • Can be an uncomfortable position to maintain


The Verdict

The Sensa Aquila SL is perfect for the speed fiend who values performance and the amount of detail that has gone into the frame.

The Sensa Aquila SL might not be the cheapest option out there. However, it does afford a great deal of value for its price tag. If you want that level of performance, it is definitely worth paying the asking price.

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