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It looks great and it has the tools to kick ass. The SE Big Mountain is made of the latest high-end components and technical knowhow to make mountain biking a serious thrill. Where most mountain bikes are not up to par, SE make scaling slopes look so easy.

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SE Big Mountain Speed
SE Big Mountain Speed
$369 $270
You save 27%
SE Big Mountain
SE Big Mountain
$449 $320
You save 29%
SE Big Mountain 1.0
SE Big Mountain 1.0
$549 $384
You save 30%
SE Big Mountain 1.0
SE Big Mountain 1.0
$559 $419
You save 25%

SE Big Mountain Review

It is a sweet instrument of mountain biking and we will get to why that is in a bit. First off, we think it is rather beautiful. It looks like something you want to ride as well as something you want to look at. It is also quite tough, able to take the punishment of rough terrain in its stride. Its construction is fairly lightweight making it easily maneuverable in tight spaces. It also has effective brakes that make you lose speed fast. That covers the headline qualities of the SE Big Mountain.

This model makes good use of SE’s 6061 double butted aluminum frame and Suntour suspension fork. The drivetrain is a 24-speed Shimano with RapidFire shifters. The crank is also Suntour and the brakes are Tektro hydraulics, all of which indicate sturdy and reliable inner workings and they all add up to make one heck of a punch.

The drivetrain of the Big Mountain works well in tandem with the alloy construction. Thanks to the RapidFire shifters, changing gears is incredibly fast and smooth. The tyres on the Big Mountain are 29 inch monsters gliding over large objects and retrieving phenomenal traction over just about any surface that challenges them.

Few problems will flummox this bike, certainly not the ones that have hindered most other mountain bikes. The SE Big Mountain is a great deal for a high quality ride in the hills.

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  • Exceptional ride quality
  • Ideal suspension settings
  • Good looking
  • Reliable build quality

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  • PBit heavy
  • Doesn’t come with a manual


The Verdict

It is no doubt, a magnificent bike for mountaineering and pretty to look at. We think this is one of SE’s better models.

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