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Scott Speedster Review

The Scott Speedster looked fine when we first decided to review it. The awesome design, geometry and paintjob make it look like a racing model with a great personality.

In addition to that, the tubes and the profile actually look a little like those of an aero bike, making things even nicer.

There were a couple of problems with the bike though, and a lot of them stemmed from the alloy fork, which we would have preferred had it been made of carbon instead.

The gear and groupset on the other hand are a lot more befitting the price that is paid, with a Shimano Sora and Claris mix that runs extremely well on the bike.

It only weighs 10kg too, which makes climbing quite easy on the Speedster. While the cassette is only 8 speed, it works rather well, but the brakes feel a little too unresponsive for our taste.


  • It looks amazing
  • Tubes and profile are aerodynamic
  • Very good gearset and groupset


  • Brakes weren’t the greatest
  • Alloy fork was not good

The Verdict

The Scott Speedster is a bike that is definitely on the cheaper side of things, but it does have its downsides when it comes to the actual ride.

We liked the Scott Speedster, although we didn’t think it was the most amazing bike out there. It definitely did have a ton of perks, and it was an overall good enough ride for a beginner. While it looked and felt absolutely wonderful, we did think that there were many ways in which it could have been improved, and we hope to see some changes in the future.

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