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Scott Solace Review

Confidence is key in the Scott Solace. Made to last, this is a road bike that has stepped its game up so as to compete with a new age of design. One thing we did noticed while reviewing the Solace was that it wasn’t built strictly for endurance.

We saw that the top tube length as well as the relatively slack head angle meant that there was a side to this bike that whispered aggressiveness. While riding it, we thought to ourselves that this wasn’t a bike that was made to be cruised on.

Instead, it was a nimble, responsive ride that gave us a rush and a lot of fresh air. While it did last very well indeed on the smoother roads, the Scott didn’t really do well on rougher trails. While endurance is key here, the Solace managed to rattle our teeth when we went on a gravellier path, which we think was due to the front fork that was extremely stiff.
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  • Nice design and aesthetic appearance
  • Good components and gearing
  • Very fast and nimble
  • Highly durable

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  • Not very comfortable
  • Not the best for damping


The Verdict

The Solace is a bike that you will truly find solace in while riding – it can give you a sense of calm while keeping your focus on speed rather than casual cruising.

A cruiser road bike with a sporty side to its personality, the Scott Solace is a bike that any fast rider is going to love commuting on. This bike will keep you happy as long as you are on a smooth road with the wind in your hair.

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