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Scott Foil Review

As an aero road bike, the Scott Foil is one of a very select club of bikes that are more than capable of holding their own in a competitive field. We thought we might review this newer version of a very highly spoken of bike.

The aerodynamic shape of the bikes parts is very obvious throughout the design, but only on close inspection. It isn’t a glaringly obvious fact, which is a good thing. The stem of the bike, for example, is in a closed niche, and the tubes in the tail are slim Kamm tubes that are perfectly aerodynamic at all times.

In addition to this, the acceleration of the Foil is astounding. We stepped on the pedal and were nearly tipped over because of the way it shot off. After reaching a certain speed, zooming along felt like the easiest thing ever.

The frame and the bars are incredibly strong and resilient, making us fall in love over and over again. In addition to this, there are areas for GPS units, a wheelset with carbon fairing and absolutely marvelous performance overall.

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  • Beautiful design
  • Best in class comfort
  • Incredible acceleration
  • Great equipment

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  • Deep rims
  • NOT for beginners


The Verdict

This is a bike that is made for expert cyclists and those who take pleasure in great speeds, with an aerodynamic design and a very premium feel indeed.

The Scott Foil is not a bike for the faint of heart. From the sensual design to the incredible performance, this is a machine that is made for people who want to truly enjoy the adrenaline rush of a fast ride.

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