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Scott E-Sub Review

Scott E-Sub is an e-bike model intended for commuters. Most bikes under this model come with different sized frames for men and women. Some even have unisex versions. We thought this model was rather interesting to review. For an e-bike E-Sub came with decent prices. E-bikes are intended for commuting, but there are some challenges left to address. We intend with our review to find out how Scott approaches the commuter e-bike.

These e-bikes come with predictably alloy frames. It makes the bikes lightweight and easy to speed on. The frames have long top tubes, though the shapes overall are not straight. Some may find the top tubes a bit too long. On the other hand, the seat tube angles are really relaxed, which sets the saddle far back from the handlebars. We found that the rider needs to really sit up leaning on the front to ride these bikes. That position is easy for speeding, but not always for relaxed cycling.

The battery and the motor for electric assist use a Bosch Active 250w drive system. It’s powerful and is positioned at the center of the frame. It makes the bikes easy to lift. The stem position of the bikes varies. The rider can choose the most comfortable one from the bikes available. When riding, some of our reviewers liked the upright position, while others didn’t. We thought that the riding could have been made more comfortable.


  • Centered drive train so the bikes are easy to lift
  • Reliable Bosch electric assist
  • Multiple stem positions
  • Multiple sizes available


  • Must maintain an upright position
  • Saddle located too fat from the handlebars
  • Not as comfortable as it should be

The Verdict

Overall, we found the Scott E-Sub e-bikes to be reliable, speedy, but not very comfortable. These bikes are decently priced, so it’s still worthy trying. The electric assist is definitely powerful and durable. If you like commuting while always sitting upright, then this bike model may be for you.

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