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Scott E-Silence Review

The Scott E-Silence was designed with trying to keep noise pollution to a minimum. This bike certainly does that but it is not even the most notable thing about the E-Silence. This commute bike is a true joy to ride and offers just enough customization to make a variety of riders happy.

One of the main features on the E-Silence is the Brose drive unit. Not only is this what keeps the bike as quiet as possible, it is what is responsible for producing rather impressive speeds too. Picking up speed on the E-Silence takes some getting used to. This is a hefty bike and we had to change up our riding style to accommodate this added weight.

Once you do pick up speed, however, the drive unit has an interesting element. At anything over 25 kilometers an hour, the engine hands over total control to you. This is so that the power transfer remains constant. This was certainly appreciated and the transition was a smooth one, barely noticeable.

Although it is an electric bike, the E-Silence doesn’t lack in durability. The display has been designed to work even when it is raining. This bike offers three different assistance levels, depending on your cycling style. You get to choose from Touring, Cruising, and Sport. It is quite obvious that just how much these options accommodate your various riding styles.

This is a bike that you can ride for hours on end as it is so comfortable. The stem is adjustable which allows you to fix it to the height that is best suited to your riding position.

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  • Quiet function
  • Engine allows for constant power transfer
  • Comfortable
  • Customizable options

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  • Heavy


The Verdict

This is really a fun option for all riders but especially those who commute on a daily basis. The added power can really make all the difference to just how quickly you go from place to place.

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