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Scott E-Scale Review

For mountain bike purists, riding an electric bike can be a conflicting affair. We, too, had our reservations when we were first considering testing out the Scott E-Scale. The great thing about the E-Scale is that you can’t really tell that it is an electric bike. The engine is fixed to the bottom bracket. Not only does this make it less inconspicuous, it actually helps to improve the bike’s center of gravity.

The battery uses an integrated locking system so it is simply a matter of attaching it and hopping on. Another excellent feature is that you can now charge the battery on the E-Scale itself. Other cool features include the Purion display that is compact and allows you to choose from one of four settings.

After marveling at all of the tech on these features, we decided to see how this bike would measure up. What you notice straight away about the E-Scale is the heft. Of course, this is nothing new with electric mountain bikes but it can get a little tiring after a while.

Despite the weight, the E-Scale is well balanced and the handling is excellent. Going up slopes is an absolute dream as the engine kicks. Since you are dealing with increased weight, there is a little more control required when heading downhill. The brakes on the E-Scale, however, are excellent and very responsive. The E-Scale tackled a variety of trails beautifully, even handling the more technical slopes like a pro.

If you are looking for an electric mountain bike, this Scott E-Scale is a great place to start.


  • Good components
  • Climbing is great
  • Good balance
  • Responsive brakes


  • Heavy

The Verdict

If you don’t mind the price tag or lugging around some extra well, the Scott E-Scale rides like a dream. Climbing up even the most technical slopes is made that much easier with this bike.

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