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Scott E-Genius Review

Scott E-Genius is an e-bike model that comes in both motorized and non-motorized versions. Unlike typical e-bikes, the E-Genius are mountain bikes suitable for commuting as well as enjoying dirt road cycling. We reviewed several of these bikes to see what the fuss is all about.

These bikes are uniquely designed. The frames are actually rather short in wheelbase and reach. But on some E-Genius bikes, we found the bottom bracket to be rather tall. Regardless, the framesets are highly stable. The motor is neatly fitted to the frame and adds about 20 pounds to each bike. But it doesn’t make the frames super heavy. In fact, E-Genius bikes are the lightest electronic mountain bikes we have tested.

According to Scott, these bikes are suitable for any trail. We found that the bikes are well suited mainly for moderate trails. Compared to other e-MTBs, these bikes can handle far more challenging terrain. The motor impressively holds up. That’s partially thanks to the highly detailed travel adjust system. The travel settings are shorter and intended for steep head angles. The bikes are paired with Nobby Nic rubber to handle those steep trails that make the heart throb.

These bikes are fast too, mainly because the tires are thin. However, we were really disappointed that the seatposts aren’t adjustable. The display on the motor also easily gets damaged when not careful. On the other hand, this is one of the best prices e-MTB models.


  • Powerful motor that can handle challenging steel trails
  • Fast
  • Stable frame
  • Lightweight
  • Decent price


  • Seatpost is not adjustable
  • The motor display can get damaged

The Verdict

Scott E-Genius is one of the best e-MTBs we have ever tested. These bikes are fast, reliable, and can handle challenging terrain. The prices are not bad considering the features riders get in return. We highly recommend this model for mountain bike enthusiasts who are into e-bikes as well.