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Scott E-Aspect Review

Scott E-Aspect is another e-mountain bike model from the well-respected brand. When we started our review, we didn’t exactly know what specs to look for in an e-MTB. Luckily for us, Scott E-Aspect actually combined features of e-bikes and classic mountain bikes. There are, of course, notably modern qualities too. The Aspect bikes have large 29-inch wheels, which is sort of standard for modern MTBs. The wheels have large diameters, so there’s more traction and smoothness when riding. This was an improvement from Scott’s other e-MTB, Genius.

There is of course an electric assist powered by a 250 watt motor and a 400wh battery. The Bosch drive system is really powerful as you can see, and the battery does last hours, depending on the bike you choose. The drive system is positioned low to provide greater maneuverability too. While this is and advantage, we noticed that the drive system is rather exposed, can get damaged by the elements or formations on the terrain.

The electric assist is easy to adjust. It makes pedaling convenient, but doesn’t eliminate the mountain biking workout. These e-MTBs can handle steep climbs, and are relatively fast. Some of our experienced mountain biker reviewers even managed jumps when going uphill. It’s fun going both uphill and downhill. The design is rugged, and with a pair of good brakes, these bikes are super fun and offers excellent value for the price.


  • Powerful motor and battery
  • Low drive train so the bikes are easy to maneuver
  • Fast
  • Excellent when going uphill or downhill
  • Suitable for pros


  • Drive train is exposed to hazards

The Verdict

Scott E-Aspect is an excellent e-mountain bike that really impressed us. It’s well built and has a sturdy framed combined with a powerful drive train to handle almost any challenging terrain. Even pros can love riding this e-MTB. We highly recommend this model for anyone who wants to try an electric assist MTB.

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