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Scott Addict Review

The Scott Addict was a true master of its class. We noticed almost immediately that it was made for one purpose and that was to race. We decided to put it to the test. Initial reactions included awe at the aggressiveness of the geometry of the bike as well as wonder at the responsiveness of the ride in general.

The frame has been updated in the latest model, and is very stiff indeed, with a high torsion. While we felt like the Addict had the capability to be a rocket on the roads, we also realized that this would be pretty taxing for the bike as well.

The steerer is very far forward, and this was to be expected. The bike is made to be raced, and therefore can never be an upright ride. However, Scott has done a great job of ensuring that the fact that its Addict is built to be a racer doesn’t impact the comfort of the bike. There is plenty of damping and most minor bumps aren’t going to be a huge issue for any rider.

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  • Quick acceleration
  • Lightweight
  • Stiff frame
  • Forward-leaning position
  • Made for racing
  • Skinny seatpost
  • Great equipment

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  • You feel the bigger bumps
  • Not as aerodynamic as it could be


The Verdict

Built to be raced over and over again, the Scott Addict is a bike that must be watched out for on the racetrack, as it could blow your mind away.

We loved racing the Addict, and would do it over and over again if we could. From the Shimano drivetrain to the performance and durability of the Scott Addict in general, this is a bike that needs to be revered!

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