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Santa Cruz V10 Review

The Santa Cruz V10 is available in a Carbon C and Carbon CC frame so it’s clear from the start that this will not be a cheap venture. Despite this, it is difficult not to fall in love with what the V10 can do. It’s excellent geometry and top notch components make this a bike that you can ride on almost on any trail.

We soon discovered just what an exhilarating experience riding the V10 could be. It tackled all types of terrain with a similar nonchalance, making you feel as like you are in total control all the time. We even had an opportunity to test out the V10 in the rain and mud and the performance was just as impressive.

The V10 is a tough bike. It didn’t matter what we threw at it, this bike responded, dodging stones and tree trunks with ease. Not just that, there were barely any indications on the bike to say that we had just ridden through some rough terrain.

This is one of those bikes that is light enough to catch air whenever you feel like it. However, when you are on the trail, the tires grip the ground, giving you stability at all times.

This bike is also an absolute speed demon and you will soon find that you are leaving your friends behind in a cloud of dust. Fortunately, the brakes are fantastic and the V10 has little trouble coming to a stop even once you have picked up speed. This is a bike that was built for pros and the SRAM drivetrain is proof of that. The best part of the V10 is that you can go wherever you want with it, there are no limits.


  • Great geometry
  • Good traction
  • Responsive brakes


  • Cost

The Verdict

The Santa Cruz V10 is the kind of bike that belongs on your wish list. You can ride it across any terrain and put it through its paces. The bike will respond with amazing performance.

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