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Ridley is a brand of bike that has been used by people in the pro cycling community for ages. Cyclists in competitions like the World Tour have used the Ridley Noah for their rides, and it is one of the best in the world according to the pros.

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Bike Name Reseller Price
Ridley Noah SL Disc Ultegra 2017 Black Grey Red
Ridley Noah SL Disc Ultegra 2017 Black Grey Red
$3,499 $3,200
You save 9%
Ridley Noah SL Ultegra 2017
Ridley Noah SL Ultegra 2017
You save 9%

Ridley Noah Review

The Ridley Noah, as we immediately noticed, is an aero bike. It is built for one thing – to be fast. It manages to do this incredibly well. The ride is firm, doesn’t wobble in the slightest, and the bike is very responsive indeed, so that it feels like it actually reads every little adjustment of your body and adapts to it.

Even better – we tested it in other, less than favorable condition and still found it to be great! Air flow was directed well away from the notorious front wheel, and the effect wasn’t even noticeable – we didn’t even hear the wind as it whistled past our ears.

The Noah is different from its predecessors in that it has a much simpler seat post with a binder bolt to make it easy to adjust. This is great for any pro team based sport where team members of different fits need to get on the bike at different points of the ride.

Even better, all of the cables are routed on the inside of the bike’s tube, making it even better for aerodynamics.

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  • Aerodynamic design on point
  • Firm handling
  • Responsive
  • Great seatpost idea
  • Internal cable routing

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  • Not for beginners


The Verdict

You know a bike is good when the only bad thing about it is that it is meant for pro riders – the Ridley Noah is one of the best aero bikes out there.

From the amazing design of the bike to the way it looks aesthetically, this is a bike that makes us happy. The Ridley Noah is definitely a pioneer and a trendsetter in its class, from its routing to its gearing, brakes and handling.

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