Ribble Gran Fondo

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The Ribble Gran Fondo has a decent price, even its special editions, and offers up some serious value for money for its class. This versatile road race bike looks good and performs well, offering a variety of frame sizes for short and tall riders alike, so there is something for everyone with this range.

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Ribble Gran Fondo
Ribble Gran Fondo
Ribble Gran Fondo Disc
Ribble Gran Fondo Disc
$1,299.00 $1,548.00

Ribble Gran Fondo Review

Ribble has been in the industry for over a century, so it is no surprise that their Gran Fondo has some impressive specs and performance. We took the Gran Fondo around town and through some empty roads to get a feel for the speed and power it could offer.

Overall the Gran Fondo handles well, and even after hours of riding, we still felt comfortable. The full carbon fiber frames and forks, internally routed cables, and some great Shimano and SRAM componentry make for a clean, precise, and high performing road bike.

Throughout the test rides, the Gran Fondo was responsive, relaxed, and impressively smooth. Perhaps our only complaint was that the fork was a little on the heavy side. You won’t have to worry much about cost, because you can custom build this baby to suit your budget and needs.


  • Great custom components available
  • Fast on most roads
  • Relaxed, comfortable, and smooth handling
  • Mostly lightweight frames
  • Slender and sleek look


  • Heavy fork
  • Need to custom build to get full value for money

The Verdict

Overall, a great road bike with smooth and comfortable riding, punching well above its weight.

The Ribble Gran Fondo offers some great componentry and customizability, albeit involving a bit of effort to get your money’s worth. At the right combination of components, you can get some great speed and performance from this bike.