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Raleigh Criterium Review

Raleigh Bicycles is one of the oldest bicycle manufacturers in the world, having been around in England since the late 1800s. This company has produced some winning road bikes for the Tour de France and several European tours and races. So, needless to say, we had high hopes for the Raleigh Criterium range.

We took these bikes for a spin around the city to see they would perform. Given the choice components and all carbon or alloy frames, we had some expectations. Impressively for a range of this price line (just over $500 at best price to under $2000 for the top model), these bikes delivered.

It’s incredible enough to get these kinds of specs at this price range, but believe it. We put these bikes to the test and found that the race-oriented geometry and componentry are well tailored. We were able to pick up some high speeds quite easily, with the only real issue being the rigid bar.

All the models handled responsively and smoothly. In addition, ergonomic design and finishing kit make these bikes an unbelievably good deal.

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  • Great componentry for the price
  • Good speeds
  • Stable riding and quality performance
  • Smooth, responsive ride
  • Ergonomic design and finishing kit
  • Lightweight carbon and alloy frames
  • Race geometry

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  • Bar a little too rigid
  • Some saddles not comfortable, but this can be upgraded


The Verdict

A range of road race and commute bikes with great specs for a bargain of a price – well worth every cent!

We really loved the Raleigh Criterium bikes. This review was easy thanks to the quality specs and highly affordable price tags, and the performance was excellent for its class. We definitely recommend these bikes!

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