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The Pinnacle Dolomite is a bike built for the long open road. It has made ripples in the cycling scene because of the way in which it can consistently overwhelm its competition while keeping cool and calm at speed. This is a bike that is made for professionals.

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Pinnacle Dolomite Limited Edition 2020
Pinnacle Dolomite Limited Edition 2020

Pinnacle Dolomite Review

A product of Evans Cycles, the Pinnacle Dolomite is a very sensible bike that has great value for money. One of the coolest bits about the bike was the addition of hydraulic disc brakes instead of the traditional rim brakes that its predecessors have had.

A carbon fork on the older models has been replaced with an aluminum one, and the older Shimano 105 crankset has been swapped out for an FSA set that has a pretty solid performance overall. The frame, we noticed, was a pretty great 6061 aluminum frame that was capable of being super durable over time.

When riding it, we were not exposed to premium quality stiffness, comfort or responsiveness, but we weren’t expecting that either. Instead, we had quite a bit of good cushioning and damping.

We did feel like the saddle was a little too soft for our tastes – longer rides would require us to swap it out with something that offered a little more support than that. Instead of the older Shimano 105 gear and brake levels, the new RS505 system has been integrated, and it looks really good!


  • Great frame design
  • Hydraulic disc brakes
  • Nice brake levers and shifters
  • Very comfortable seat


  • Can be a little too comfortable
  • Could use a carbon fork

The Verdict

A bike for the masses, the Pinnacle Dolomite is an affordable, easy to use road and touring bike that can be your perfect getaway without having to blow too much cash.

From the great components to the handy performance of the bike, the Pinnacle Dolomite was a real pleasure to ride. We did have a few complaints, but it was a nice, decent, responsible bike overall.

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